For our first holiday of the Summer Eesh and I were able to find a bargain on Thomas Cook, travelling to the divine Greek island of Mykonos and staying at the 4 star George Hotel, situated at the Southern beach of Platis Gailos.

The hotel was amazing for a variety of reasons. It not only looked beautiful, but provided amazing views of the bright blue coast and the multiple rocky hills that surrounded the beach, covered in the typical bright white buildings. Any hotel located in Platis Gailos is within a 5 minute walk of the beach front and the number of restaurants and shops that it offers. We soon realised that the restaurants, similar to the many that we visited across the island, all seem to offer roughly the same items on the menu, that consist of meat dishes, pizzas, pastas and seafood. Unfortunately for us, this was limited with our vegetarian diet, but I can’t complain about having pizza, pasta and chips for most meals!

Whilst we could not fully explore the Greek cuisine, we did try to explore the island itself as much as possible, whilst on a somewhat limited budget. Various beaches have simple paths from one another, or the buses to various locations across the island are extremely affordable. If that’s not for you, there are multiple excursions, such as jeep tours, quad bikes, or boat trips that provide opportunities to visit different locations. We chose the Southern Beach Tour, which evidently involved a boat trip, showing and docking up at a number of prominent beaches, some offering immensely clear waters, others providing opportunities for food or bars. Overall, we felt that for the £70 per person price tag of this excursion, it wasn’t that great. Some of the beaches that the boat docked up at were not the best (either super busy or covered in seaweed), there was little information explained whilst on the tour, nor time to snorkel, and the lunch that was part of the price was rather disappointing. With all that, we regret not doing some of the other excursions, which included a boat trip to the historic island of Dilos or a off-road venture across the Mykonos landmarks.

Next, we visited the main Mykonos Town. Located North of the island, this was the highlight of our trip. The vast amount of pictures of the painted white floor and the white and blue buildings do not do it enough justice. It truly was incredible. With the many little alleys anyone can roam for hours and never get bored… but can easily become lost. Within the compact town, there are many restaurants and bars, ranging from typical Greek cuisines to Italian pasta and pizzerias. Here we tried the Greek food of Souvlaki at the Pepper restaurant, which consisted of seasoned chips, salad and yogurt in pitta, and it was delicious! For those with a sweeter tooth, the town is home to dozens of dessert shops, offering so many flavours of ice cream, crepes and waffles that it is so hard to decide what to try.

The beaches of the town are filled with romantic restaurants and bars that provide ideal spots to overlook the sunsets each night, something that attracts huge crowds.

Looking back at our holiday, I would recommend finding a hotel closer to Mykonos Town. Simply due to the liveliness of the area, in comparison to where we stayed. Whilst the Platis Gailos had a wonderful beach and nice restaurants and bars, it was missing the immense Greek culture and the complete essence of Mykonos, with every street coated in white and colours in every direction. Obviously, some may prefer a beachside hotel, and whilst I can completely understand this, it seems that wonderful beaches can be found every half mile, evidently within a short hikes distance.

b933d54c-ab38-4d54-ab6d-fba63b2d562cMykonos was definitely one of my favourite locations that I have visited. If you haven’t been, I would definitely recommend, and if you have, I can’t blame you if you want to go back, as I’m pretty sure I’ll aim to at some point. However, as many people hope between mykonos and the beautiful island of Santorini, I now aim to visit there. For now though , I hope you have enjoyed my little summary of my trip to Mykonos!


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