Whilst we usually explore things to do around London, recently me and my girlfriend thought we would try to venture out of our normal travels. As it isn’t too far from my university, we decided to give the city of Cambridge a go…


It is a hard challenge to try and dress well and try out new styles when it is just so cold, and all that you want to do is pile on multiple layers to keep you warm throughout the day.

We also tried to take as many pictures as we could, but unfortunately the cold and the early sunsets halted our mini photo shoots quite quickly.


This featured outfit is one of my most common outfits, mainly due to the ease and warmth of it.


The outfit includes a grey, knitted jumper with a curved hem from Topman, covered by a black pea coat from Topman. The grey jumper is one of my favourites, as it fits really well, the only thing I don’t like is the overly-long sleeves. To go with this outfit I wore the black ripped jeans from ASOS. Recently purchased and shown in a recent blog post, these jeans go really well with most outfits.


Black Pea Coat – Topman |Black Ripped Jeans  – ASOS |Grey Jumper – Topman


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