So after four long years at Hertfordshire University, I’ve finally finished. Whilst I’ve submitted my last assignment, my graduation isn’t until September!

Now finished,  I can relax. I mean really relax, considering that I’m currently in Spain. It already feels very strange not having any assignments to think about or deadlines to worry about, but I’m going to make the most of it.img_2639

Now I have a few weeks until I start a new job, one that I can use to save up as much money as possible, so that in a year or two I can travel. I think we are tempted to look at inter-railing, and fully explore Europe first, but to be honest I’d love to go everywhere, especially Asia.

Anyway, for now, I can focus on working and relaxing, any maybe even try to pick up some new hobbies. The main thing I want to do is read more, and with that, try and cut down on the amount of video games that I play.

Finally, I hope to be able to write more blog posts, on literally anything that comes to mind. I’m tempted to write more reviews, on anything new that I try, or any new places that I visit. So if any of you readers have any recommendations of cool places that you have recently visited, let me know!

As for now, that’s it for this little update of my life.


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