If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know that as a birthday present, I bought Eesh and I tickets to the London Fashion Week Festival.


Attending the event was certainly a new experience for us, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I bought us the gold tier tickets, which provided us with a designer tote bag, entry to two catwalk shows and access to the festival until 8pm. I also upgraded the trend and designer catwalk shows to front row seats, to really give us the best experience.

The atmosphere in the London Fashion Week Festival was really cool and chilled. A huge mixture of people shopped around the trend and designer pop up stands, bought food and watched demonstrations. It was really interesting to see other people’s trendy and quirky outfits, with many people getting photos with other random people due to their flamboyant attire.

The designer catwalk show we attended was by Katharine Hamnett. I have to admit, I thought by attending a designer catwalk, I would see the crazy outfits as seen in the actual Fashion Week, that some might debate as fashion. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Katherine Hamnett’s casual fashion designs. I actually saw myself taking an interest in and inspiration from most of her male designs. However, as much I liked them, I couldn’t see myself splashing out the high prices that she charges. I almost question the need for such high prices, when although they were rather nice, the outfits could easily be replicated from normal high street shops.

I would be more than happy to go to the London Fashion Week Festival again next year. It would almost tempt me to pay for the next tier up for tickets, just to provide us with those extra perks. The only thing that held us back from completely enjoying ourselves were the prices of the pop up fashion stands. Eesh and I have grown accustom to finding a good bargain and deal from online and high street shops, even finding cheap clothes extremely similar in appearance to the bigger labels. There were some cheaper clothing for females, but very few cheap clothes, or clothing stands in general, for males.

I would definitely recommend going to the Fashion Week Festival if you’re into fashion, if you like dressing up, or just looking for a present idea for the girlfriend – as this certainly went down well for me!


Attending the London Fashion Week Festival would be the first time in a long time that I could actually wear some stylish clothes. It was quite a major step for me, as for the first time, I branched out and tried cropped trousers. As you can see, I went for some simple grey pinstripe smart trousers from Topman. To match the soft colour, I wore a white knit sweater from Zara. This knit sweater is perhaps one of my best purchases. I don’t know if it’s just because of the weight I’ve put on, but it seemed to fit well, almost like a muscle fit, whilst also being really stretchy and comfortable. Finally, to work with the cropped trousers and sweater, I wore some simple white and red plimsoles from River Island.



White Lace-up Trainers – New Look Mens | Grey Pinstripe Smart Joggers  – Topman | Purl/White Knit Sweater – Zara




What events have you been to recently?


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