Oxford Circus Scare

So this is a more serious post, but I think it will be good to talk about it, as its an experience we’ll never forget, that has certainly shaken us up…

This weekend me and Eesh had a lot planned. On Friday we planned to do a bit of Christmas shopping, mainly going around central London, whilst doing some exploring and finding food.

Unfortunately, not long into our plans, our shopping was stopped when crowds of people started screaming and running into the shop we were in; Urban Outfitters (almost opposite the Oxford Circus Tube Station).

I’m sure some of you reading this will have heard about the scare at Oxford Street and Oxford Circus, and whilst it fortunately turned out to be just a scare, with no real danger to anyone, the experience was surreal and frightening.

The hour or so that we were locked in the shop was  like nothing I have ever experienced. Like I said before, crowds of people ran up the stairs screaming and shouting, and then we were all escorted into the fire exits were we stood waiting for any sounds or signs of problems or reassurance.

It was horrible seeing so many people crying and having anxiety or panic attacks, which wasn’t helped by the repeated scream of people that thought something was happening. Eventually we were escorted out of the back fire exit of the shop, in which we started walking in any direction away from Oxford Circus, and then went straight home.

The event has certainly made us more on edge this weekend; going into London to meet family, we just felt anxious in case anything was to happen again. As I said, its great nothing actually happened, and it was just a scare, and hopefully we will never experience anything like it again!


The View from the Shard

On a positive note, me and Eesh were able to join my family the following day for my Mum’s birthday present; the View from the Shard. Despite the cold, this was a nice, positive moment for the weekend.



To add to the positive end to the weekend, we were able to enjoy a trip to Five Guys. I did not realise how amazing the burgers are…


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