The diversity of cuisines in London is amazing, allowing anyone to walk along most streets with multiple options for choice. Those who know me may think that I am very repetitive and attached to the food I eat, but I am never one to shy away from trying new food, and that was the plan for the weekend that just passed.



Our choice in cuisine for lunch was Korean, in which we travelled to Holborn in London to try the Kimchee restaurant for the first time.



Pictured above, I ordered the Dolsot Bibimbap with chicken. This £9.40 dish involves a hot pot of a selected meat, rice, vegetables, egg and red chilli paste. With so many flavours this dish was really good, although perhaps some might find this a bit dry if the chilli pasta isn’t appealing! As seen in the picture above, crispy battered king prawns in a sweet and spicy sauce were ordered as a £6.90 side order. Now these were really really good. The food was definitely filling, so the price definitely reflects the quality and size of the food. As this was my first time, I am definitely excited to try more options on the menu, most likely the pot dishes, however I would still recommend what I ordered. Have a look at the full menu here.

Unfortunately I wasn’t the happiest with the service, wether it was due to it being busy, we (and we noticed others) had to wait a while for any kind of attention from the staff, as well as the service tip being automatically added to the bill, when I was having an inner debate wether to even pay it. That aside I would definitely still recommend a visit to Kimchee.



This featured outfit is my most common outfit, mainly due to the ease of it, whilst being somewhat smart-casual!




The outfit includes the beige MA1 crew neck sweatshirt from BoohooMan, covered by a black pea coat from Topman. The beige sweatshirt is a personal favourite of mine, mainly because of the excellent fit, and it provides the perfect smart-casual attire. If you love the look of it like me it will only set you back £8 as a sale item on BoohooMan, or even cheaper with there constant additional sales! To go with this outfit I wore the black ripped jeans from ASOS. Recently purchased and shown in a recent blog post, these jeans go really well with most outfits.


Black Pea Coat – Topman |Black Ripped Jeans  – ASOS |Crew Neck Sweatshirt – BoohooMan


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  1. kimchi is my favourite side dish in the world! I love the taste, the texture… It’s just amazing. I usually even have it just with other veggies and nothing else because I love it so much 🙂

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  2. I have never been crazy for foreign foods but it does not hurt to sample now and again.Thanks for sharing your tips on finding Korean food in London, it can be frustrating wanting to eat specific food but not being able to because you can not locate the restaurant.I have come to know that it does not help asking people passing by, most people walk around blind.

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  3. I can completely understand you, when services aren’t the best especially when you are hungry and you’re kind of forced to wait for the food to come, it can be quite difficult to keep your patience. All that aside, you should also try when you can Japanese food, its so amazing and I’m told that it’s one of the healthy foods out there. ☺️
    Ps: your blog is amazing😁

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      1. I already did because as I told you, your blog is amazing and you rarely see guys blogging and putting so much effort into it. I was really really impressed and I cannot wait for your next post 😊

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  4. I’ve never tried Korean food, it wouldn’t be the first cuisine that springs to mind. It looks really good however, shame about the service. You look really good too, effortless ad stylish!

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    1. First of all thank you very much! I have to admit it hasn’t been a cuisine that I have ever been eager to try, but it was surprisingly delicious and all the food looked great, so definitely worth trying!


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